Are you..

only singing in the car or shower… to your cat?

running out of breath or unable to reach high notes?

struggling to find your voice in meetings?

getting tired when you sing or present?

not getting the most out of your instrument?

recovering from vocal injury or repeated voice loss?

Then it’s likely it’s time for a tune up.

Most people aren’t born with incredible versatile singing voices. Most people aren’t taught vocal skills before they have to present in front of crowds.  Sometimes we’ve been criticized for how we sound and have taken it to heart, carrying an old irrelevant story on our backs like a bag of mouldy spuds (in which case it’s definitely time to put those spuds down!).

I’ve been teaching people how to use their voices for over 20 years, I’m trained therapeutically and as a voice actor,  so I can tailor lessons to suit the very specific needs of my individual clients. From professional singers and actors, to people that are just starting out. Everyone has room to grow.

If you’re tired of waiting for your chance to sing and you’re  ready to step into your full, dynamic voice, then click here to set up a consultation.


“Julia is the best! I’ve had a lifelong desire and crippling fear of singing. Julia was able to work with me over time to slowly open up and use my voice exactly how I want to use it. Now, I can sing and even perform in front of other people – something that would have been impossible in the past. I can’t recommend Julia enough”. – Chris P, Oakland. CA

“Julia has a way of gently pushing and accompanying you as you discover the potential of your voice. Technical work is often couched in dynamic movement and visualizations.  You leave her sessions, inspired, challenged and more joyful than when you walked in.” Nancy B, Los Angeles. CA

“Julia is an amazing teacher! My daughter has been taking lessons with Julia for 3 years now and she is patient, kind and makes the lesson fun yet educational. Not only have the lessons strengthened my daughter’s voice, it has also built up her confidence with public speaking. Awesome!” Sheila B, San Rafael. CA.

Recent feedback from Isobel and Chloe, San Rafael. CA.

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